TinyTiny Navchoc

45,00 inc. VAT

Fits: Your everyday essentials + groceries for 1-2 days, a bottle of wine, a poodle puppy, or 10 potatoes.

Small for its incredible strength, spacious, lightweight and compact. A tote bag with gingham pattern in colors that remind of chocolate and vanilla (ice cream). Easy to combine with any look, and adding an elegant accent to it. Soft black handle and silver and black steel details. The pocket inside makes it easy to organize all smaller things you carry with you. Double hemmed for longest durability.

Handmade in Bolivia from partly recycled, and 100% recyclable HDPE.

This TinyTiny Navchoc is a unique piece of which we have just one available. We have no other sizes available. Get this one fast before anyone else does. 

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