Poppins Bicolor BB

69,00 inc. VAT

Fits: Your everyday essentials + clothes for a weekend away, groceries for a week, 8 bottles of wine, five 15” laptops, a pet baby elephant or 40 potatoes.

Purchasing a Poppins means carrying endless amounts of useful stuff with you. Super strong, spacious and lightweight. Asymmetrical Bicolor bag in beige and blue. asymmetrical in front and symmetrical in back. Soft black handle and silver and black steel details. The pocket inside makes it easy to organize all smaller things you carry with you. Double hemmed for longest durability.

Handmade in Bolivia from partly recycled, and 100% recyclable HDPE.


Unfortunately this bag is out of stock. Luckily, the Bicolor bag series also includes a size Midi

Out of stock