Care for your DONKEY bag:

1. Use it
The bags are made to carry heavy weights. Do make use of its strength.

2. Protect it
No one likes rain. Neither do DONKEY bags. They are woven and therefore not 100% rain resistable.

3. Wash it
If your DONKEY bag gets a bit dirty for any reason, just take off the dirt with a sponge and some water. It will be clean again in a second.

4. Fold it
Don’t be afraid to fold your DONKEY bag. It is the perfect bag to carry in your suitcase on your travels.

5. Trim it
If ever, after heavy usage, a small thread starts to fray, do not be afraid to cut it.

6. Tag it
DONKEY bags like to be tagged on social media. Do them a big favor and tag them in your posts: @donkey_landcom

7. Love it
DONKEY bags love to add little sparks of color to your life. We hope you will love it bag as much as it loves you.

As all DONKEY bags are made by hand; the minor differences make each and every bag unique.



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