DONKEY (soon: BONCHEY) is a label rooted in La Paz, Bolivia, and officially founded mid 2017 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The brand was born out of the idea of introducing a high quality, ethically produced version of the iconic bag carried by the indigenous ladies of Bolivia (amongst other South American countries), and introducing it as a fashion accessory world wide. All this all while keeping our production in Bolivia, hereby creating employment in the country the bags originate from.

The bags are hand made in Bolivia, from partly recycled and fully recyclable HDPE. The bags are made to last. They are light weight, spacious, strong, and come in three sizes: TinyTiny (S), Midi (M) and Poppins (L).

While visiting her fatherland Bolivia, the half Dutch, half Bolivian founder of DONKEY bags was struck by the sophisticated colors of the Bolivian clothing & accessories. Something that seems to come natural in South America. She decided to share their color knowledge with the rest of the world, starting with their practical, yet beautiful Bolivian Bazar Bags.

I am proud to see that the simple, though strong designs, and the refined color combinations of the bags are now being acknowledged by design minded people outside of South America. They are used here as a colorful fashion accessory, but also as the ideal travel, shopping, and beach bag, and sold at top stockists world wide.” 



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