Millions of garment workers in vulnerable countries have been underpaid or even unpaid during the pandemic. These people are now left with no jobs, work or money, in countries where governmental aids are almost non-existent, and where health systems are unstable.

DONKEY wants to give their makers some extra support in these hard times; The 450 ‘Bonus Bags’ used for this campaign, have already been paid for, but with each sale of one of these bags, an extra 50% of its retail price will be given as a bonus to our workers, located in Bolivia.

Choose wisely; buy brands that produce in vulnerable countries to support, not exploit.

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‘Bonus bags’ are sold to raise some extra money for our makers in Bolivia in times of pandemic. With each Bonus bag sold, 50% of its retail price will be given as a bonus to the makers of DONKEY bags.


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DONKEY introduces: the Bolivian Bazar Bag. Light weight – Super strong – Reusable – Recyclable.

Shipping worldwide.



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